Call of Duty: Warzone has a huge pool of weapons that players can pick from. There are a total of 39 base weapons, and on top of that, there are countless loadouts available in the game that make the overall weapon arsenal one of a kind. COD: Warzone provides a weapon for every possible situation so that every player can find a suitable weapon.

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Even though there are a plethora of weapons to choose from, not every weapon is viable in a competitive environment. Here is every weapon in COD: Warzone ranked from worst to best. This ranking only includes base weapons and doesn’t include any of the DLC weapons.

38 Knife

Not much to say about the Knife other than it’s a melee weapon that won’t be useful in the majority of cases. In a game dominated by guns, a knife isn’t something that will win you games.


37 Strela-P

Another weapon that is barely useful in the majority of games, Strela-P is nothing to brag about. It can create chaos on the battlefield, but it’s very easy to dodge as it only deals damage in a fixed area.

36 Riot Shield

Riot Shield is a great defensive tool as it can block incoming bullets from the front, but that’s about it. It doesn’t add any offensive value, and if played correctly, can easily be penetrated.

35 Jokr

A slow lock-on rocket-launcher for targeting vehicles, Jokr is very situational and doesn’t come handy in most cases. Its bullet travel time is abysmal and can easily be dodged by most players.

34 Pila

A slightly better version of Strela-P, Pila is easier to handle and use. However, it's still a rocket-launcher and is rarely used by players.

33 M19

Apart from being an early game weapon, M19 has nothing really going in its favor. It has a short-range, and the damage output is pretty low as well.

32 1911

1911 COD

1911 is a more powerful version of M19 and can be useful at times. However, it has a small magazine and produces a noticeable kick when shooting, which makes the overall value of 1911 pretty low.

31 ​X16

X16 is the best weapon out of the pistol trio but is still only a mediocre gun at best. It’s not going to win you games but will only come handy in the early stages of the game.

30 725

The first shotgun to make the list, 725 is a beast at close-combats. However, its range is very low, and it can only shoot two rounds at a time.

29 50 GS

50 GS is a solid pistol that can easily be spammed for good results. It has high damage and can come handy in clutch situations. Despite the pros, 50 GS is still only a pistol and pales in comparison to most other weapons in the game.

28 ​Model 680

Model 680 is another shotgun that is good in close-combats, but that’s about it. It is a pump shotgun, which can be a drawback in close-quarters-fight.

27 R9-0

R9-0 has a better range than Model 680, and it’s double-action pump means it can be used more frequently in close-quarter-combats.

26 357

When equipped fully with attachments, 357 can essentially act as a mini shotgun. Its range is still pretty low and will only be useful in short-range fights.

25 RPG

RPG is a very consistent weapon that can be a nuisance for the opposing players. Its damage against vehicles nets RPG bonus points, and overall, it’s a solid rocket-launcher.

24 Dragunov

Dragunov is decent at mid-range and long-range fights. It has solid damage output, but the other weapons in the same class are either more effective or easy to use.

23 MK2 Carbine

MK2 Carbine is a very fun weapon that is effective in mid-range fights. It is a semi-auto weapon and a popular choice amongst new players.

22 Kar98K

Not the best sniper rifle in the game, but Kar98k can be a powerhouse in hands of players that can constantly land shots. It has a consistent damage output and is viable in most situations.

21 AX-50

Ax-50 has better damage and range than all the aforementioned sniper rifles and overall a solid gun to roll with.

20 HDR

HDR has a better bullet velocity, which results in a low bullet drop. It is the best weapon in the sniper rifle category.

19 UZI

A very potent weapon when properly used, SMG is a killing machine. However, its lack of range and small magazine size brings down its overall value.

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